Three steps to sustainable in-house printing

With MTPC is the FSCTM certificate holder and can provide FSCTM certified products, there is now a simple three-step process for University users to go green with their in-house print jobs. All you need to do to assist in sustaining the world’s forests and boost HKUST’s environmentally friendly footprint is to:
Currently, FSCTM workflows are available for offset printing, with on-going exploration of opportunities for FSCTM digital printing. Contact MTPC to discuss your options and find out more.

Achieving FSCTM Certification + Worksflows

MTPC undertook the challenging voluntary process of Forest Stewardship CouncilTM (FSCTM) Chain of Custody certification to demonstrate our commitment to environmental issues and production and to drive forward HKUST’s sustainability goals.
Products and materials carrying FSCTM-certified lablels signify that they have adhered to the Council’s sustainability criteria from forest to end-user, with documentation to show this at every step of their production journey.
To attain such recognition for our own Printshop, MTPC spent six months realigning storage, materials, and printing procedures to meet FSCTM requirements. This included:
  • Ensuring that no FSCTM-certified paper or processes are mixed with non-FSCTM-certified materials or production flows
  • Training staff and preparing for audits, and
  • Designing and implementing an online system to facilitate documentation and record-keeping.  
MTPC is the first among higher education institution printing units in Hong Kong to become FSCTM certificate holder. The certificate awarded in October 2016 is initially valid for five years, with audits carried out annually.